Virtual World City has as its emphasis a business environment where 3D sites will house many different types businesses. Most Real Life Cities will have within their borders all types of storefronts which have transmitted their real world business into the 3D virtual world. There avatars can enjoy shopping.

  Virtual shoppers can enjoy the convenience of sitting in their own homes, virtually traveling from store to store to shop. What a time saver! No gas required for driving around! Shop in virtual and receive merchandise in reality by having items delivered to your home.

  Business owners will use Virtual World City as both a sales and advertising tools to complement their real world promotions. While real life local stores will be in their home city in Virtual World City, nationally known brick and mortar stores will have representation as well throughout Virtual World City.

  Quaint small town shops will be represented in their own city to present their products for sale and to promote real life tourism to their location. Avatars will enjoy walking the streets of these speciality towns while shopping as well as planning a trip to enjoy those same streets in real life.