A Business Park is a commercial area where the owner sets up retail stores and shops. Business Centers will be located in these parks and conference rooms will be available. Trade shows are perfect events for a Business Park.

It is a reasonable $1000 USD cost for a Business Park (approximately 16 acres in real world measurement). There is a $95 USD month maintenance fee for each region of the city. Purchase Example: purchase of Business Park at $1000 plus $95 monthly maintenance fee = $1095 due at time of purchase. Each month thereafter will be $95 USD charged per month per region.

The build out of a Business Park can be accomplished with pre-made sites offered for free, with extra buildings offered for sale, or by hiring an accomplished virtual builder to construct the city to desired specs.

A Business Park is the excellent income model for owners who wish to concentrate on creating profits through the rental of business properties and business events.

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