Virtual World City sells two styles of cities, a Real Life City or a Fictional City. There is no purchase limit to the number of cities purchased. City owners have total control of their city.

The Real Life City is named for any existing city worldlwide, but name cannot be duplicated once sold. The Fictional City is created by purchaser to reflect its specific use. A Fictional City name cannot be duplicated once assigned. City purchases may include a registered Title Deed for verified ownership, pre-built city selection, private website and more. As sources of income, City Owners can set store and housing rentals in their city.

Each city, Real Life City or Fictional City, includes one region, approximately 16 square acres in real world measurements. More regions can be added at anytime. There is a $95 USD maintenance fee each month per region of any type Real Life City, Business Park, or Private Island.. Cities can be sold at anytime with a transfer fee of $149 USD. Real Life City sell for listed prices. Fictional City sell for $2500 USD.

Sales teams will be pre-selling store rentals in many Real Life cities. These cities will be listed in this website tab "Cities For Sale". Click it, select city, purchase.