The City Manager webpage is an invaluable tool for the city owner working with all the many segments of Virtual World City. You can easily be 100% proficient using this webpage. It has access to every facet of Virtual World City.

  Want to purchase a city? Become a city owner using the Cities for Sale page to make your choice. Virtual World City statistics are posted on the Homepage, along with a list of active cities. Click a city name in that list to land at any given city landing point you choose. A Rental Exchange page is available to post or find available city rentals, including stores, apartments, homes, and available land. The Builder Exchange page has listings of available builders for hire to create your city buildings. Also, post on this page to hire a builder. On the Media Exchange page are listings of both available city media advertising and of advertising wanted. Post city events through this webpage to keep members informed.

  The City Manager webpage provides everything a city owner needs to efficiently organize and manage their city.