A Fictional City is created for use by specific groups, academic classes, or other specialized organizations. An exclusive name selected to fit the city's purpose will be assigned and cannot be duplicated. Each city will have its own website and city manager so owners can provide all information about sales, events, and offers from their city.

The cost of a Fictional City is $2500 USD. A $95 USD monthly maintenance fee applies to each region comprising the city. Purchase Example: purchase of Fictional City at $2500 plus $95 monthly maintenance fee = $2595 due at time of purchase. Each month thereafter $95 USD per month per region will be charged.

A Fictional City can be a developed with a pre-built city offered on the Virtual World City website. Included are cities for free and other cities for sale. There are extra buildings offered both for free and for sale on the website. If specialized build out of a city is required, an accomplished virtual builder can be hired to construct the city to desired specs.

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