Virtual World City offers a place for guests to acquire their own private space to enjoy as permanent inhabitants. When a Private Island is purchased, there are pre-made islands from which to choose. If an owner wants to be creative, it is possible to obtain optional buildings and landscaping for free or for purchase. The name of an island is decided by the island owner. When island name is set into the Virtual World City database, it cannot be duplicated. Owner of the island manages the island completely.

The cost of a Private Island is a $1000 USD one time cost. There is a $95 USD month maintenance fee for each region of the city. Purchase Example: purchase of Private Island at a $1000 plus $95 monthly maintenance fee = $1095 due at time of purchase. Each month thereafter will be $95 USD charged per month per region. An island can be managed by owner with the "City Manager" tab located on the Virtual World City website. Some owners charge a membership fees or earn income with the rentals. Create your Private Island to be the perfect getaway.

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